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With the emergence of technology; time management, anxiety & depression, relationships, politics, motivation, and many other issues are holding back our youth from becoming the best version of themselves and achieving their goals.

Richie understands what it feels like as a student who felt depressed, anxious, and over whelmed, but was fortunate to have a mentor who showed him how to overcome these challenges and now he helps students do the same.

Richie struggled until he found his first passion, playing football, and turned that into a full D1 football scholarship at Ole Miss standing a staggering 5’7″ and a hefty 150 pounds.

He went on to play Arena Professionally, wrote a #1 Best Seller, opened a franchising 24/7 functional fitness facility, and now every year he travels the globe working with hundreds of organizations, colleges, and universities delivering inspiring, entertaining, and actionable keynotes to develop the younger generation into engaged peak performers for school, business, and life so they can make a bigger impact.

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Motivational Keynote Speaker, Motivation Speaker for High School Assemblies

He is one of those athletes who may not be the fastest, biggest, or most talented, but through hard work, a never give up attitude, and belief in himself, makes believers out of everyone around him.

-Houston Nutt, Ole Miss Head Football Coach

Motivational Keynote Speaker, Motivation Speaker for High School Assemblies